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Bioenergy Promotion

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Oct 28, 2011 Adobe PDF: Download Work package 4 - Business - Regional - Bioenergy studies - Biomass resources - Biomass production - Agriculture - Forestry - Heat and power - Copy_of_policy - Market - Projects

Task 4.5 - Final Report

Final Report of Task 4.5 Pilot Projects: being one of the central works of Bioenergy Promotion, Task 4.5 is about the identification and description of Pilot Projects within the subregions. These projects range from the mere planning stage to the improvement of fully implemented ventures. This reflects the level of development of the bioenergy sector in the according subregions and gives valueable information about the regional market extension. The partners provided bioenergy assessments, the pilot projects themselves, prefeasibility studies and additional information for investors. The final report is a compilation of these outputs providing compact information about the subregions and general conclusions about the situation in the Baltic Sea Region. The Final Report was elaborated by BioenergieBeratung Bornim - B3 GmbH on behalf of the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Apr 14, 2011 Adobe PDF: Download Work package 3 - Sustainability criteria - Bioenergy studies - Agriculture - Forestry - Heat and power - Market

Sustainable bioenergy production: Identification and description of sustainability initiatives and certification systems in the BSR

The report gives an overview of definitions for the terms used in the context of certification systems and presents initiatives and systems, which are developed to guarantee the sustainability of biomass for different purposes.

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Aug 02, 2010 Adobe PDF: Download Information material - Networking - Copy_of_policy - Market - Projects

IEA Bioenergy News, Volume 22(1), June 2010

IEA Bioenergy News is the newsletter of IEA Bioenergy. This issue covers the May ExCo65 meeting in Nara City, Japan. It also features the an editorial on Bioenergy in Japan, a focus on Task 32, the Noticeboard, and recent publications and upcoming events.

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May 11, 2010 Adobe PDF: Download Presentation - Sustainability criteria - Market

IEA Bioenergy: Developing Sustainable Trade in Bioenergy

This workshop was held in conjunction with ExCo65 in Nara City, Japan on 12 May 2010. At the workshop presentations were given by 8 invited speakers and consisted of four sessions as follows: Session 1 – Overview and Scene Setting Session 2 – Trade in Solid Biofuels Session 3 – Trade in Liquid Biofuels Session 4 – Sustainability and Trade Session 5 – Discussion and Conclusions

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Jan 11, 2010 Adobe PDF: Download Presentation - Regional - Market

Challenges of the Developing Bioenergy Markets in Russia

The Wood Industries Confederation of Northwest Russia on behalf of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources has developed the conception of the State Federal program in wood bioenergy for Russia.

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