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Bioenergy Promotion

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Bioenergy Promotion 2 expert panel on the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture in Berlin

Dec 18, 2012

The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) is an international event focusing on central issues regarding the future of the global agri-food industry. It will be held for the fifth time in January 2013, during the International Green Week (IGW) in Berlin.

The 2013 GFFA  “Responsible Investment in the Food and Agriculture Sectors – A Key Factor for Food Security and Rural Development”, will bring together politics, industry, academia and civil society at a forum for exchange and political understanding, providing a platform for intensive talks, discussions and meetings at the various events.

One of the events is the expert panel with the title “Corporate Social Responsibility and Good Governance- obstacles or opportunities for investments in sustainable bioenergy in Baltic Sea Region”, organized by the project Bioenergy Promotion 2.

Expert panel “Corporate Social Responsibility and Good Governance- obstacles or opportunities for investments in sustainable bioenergy in Baltic Sea Region”  will take place on 18th of January.


In the Baltic Sea Region there are large biomass resources available for bioenergy production as well in agricultural as in forestry sector, but investments are needed to use the existing potentials. Production and use of bioenergy increases fuel security, helps meeting climate change mitigation targets and provides an incentive for investments in the agriculture sector creating jobs and income in rural regions. At the same time competition for agricultural land, reduction of food security and lack of acceptance in the neighborhood are often mentioned problems in the context of bioenergy.

Due to these problems sustainable biomass is a growing concern for energy utilities investing in bioenergy and for the public (bio-)energy procurement. In the Baltic Sea Region there are besides regional energy companies several transnational utilities with growing feedstock import shares. Many energy companies are developing or consider developing corporate sustainability schemes and in the public sector guidelines for sustainable energy procurement are discussed.

A panel of experts will discuss the questions of responsible investments in the field of bioenergy considering the following questions:

1) Current state of good governance and corporate social responsibility in bioenergy investments?
2) What would be the advantages of it and how could public or private investors be motivated to consider Corporate Social Responsibility and Good Governance?
3) What would be the implications for the total investments in the sector?
4) How to use the existing procurement rules to integrate sustainable bioenergy concepts into public or private investment projects?


The aim is to encourage public and private investors to integrate sustainability principles and criteria in their tender specifications and corporate strategies. By introducing requirements for environmental sustainability in tender specifications, the demand from public authorities could significantly increase the market for sustainable biomass and bioenergy and drive technological innovation.

The discussion will be led by Tyge Kjaer (Roskilde University, Denmark) and Bjarne Rasmussen (Region Zealand, Denmark).

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