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Bioenergy Promotion

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Presentations from the Berlin workshop 11.03.2010

Work package 3

Mar 19, 2010

Presentations from the Capacity Development Workshop: Strategies to support sustainable bioenergy use in the framework of Renewable Energy Action Plans (REAPs) (Berlin, 11.03.2010)

Session 1: Introduction and framework

1. EU policy framework

by Emese Kottasz, DG Energy and Transport, European Commission

2. Sustainability opportunities, risks and undesirable developments of increased biomass mobilization and use in selected BSR and CEE countries

by Sybille Tempel, Environmental Policy Research Centre, Germany

3. Sustainability principles and criteria for biomass– preliminary results from the Bioenergy Promotion project

by Lena Hjulfors / Christel Gustafsson, Swedish Board of Agriculture

4. Policy options to integrate principles and criteria for sustainable bioenergy into national policy frameworks

by Michael Krug, Environmental Policy Research Centre, Germany

Session 2: Good practice policies promoting efficient biomass use

5. Feed-in tariff systems: Germany

by Jan Seven, Federal Environment Agency, Germany

6. Countries with Renewable energy certificate systems: Italy

by Emanuele Scoditti, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA)

7. Promoting cascading uses and industrial symbiosis

by Tyge Kjaer, Roskilde University

Session 3: Poster session: Good practice policies and measures promoting sustainable biomass mobilization

8. Promotion of sustainable energy cropping and synergies between biomass production and biodiversity

By Christoph Strauss, Thuringian State Authority for Agriculture

Session 4: Policies promoting sustainable biogas production and use

9. Policies promoting sustainable biogas use in stationary applications

By Suzana Domjan, Slovenian Energy Restructuring Agency (ApE)

10. Policies supporting biogas injection into natural gas grids

By Sandra Rostek, German Energy Agency (dena)

11. Promotion of sustainable biogas production and use: good practices from European Cities

By Sylwia Klatka (Convoco)