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Bioenergy Promotion

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Challenges of the Developing Bioenergy Markets in Russia

Jan 11, 2010

The Wood Industries Confederation of Northwest Russia on behalf of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources has developed the conception of the State Federal program in wood bioenergy for Russia.

The conception is concerned with all aspects of wood biomass and bioenergy, from production to utilization, and it embraces technical, commercial, economic, social, environmental and marketing issues. The program in bioenergy for the North-West is developing at the moment as well.


• Bioenergy is developing in Russia, but not as fast as in Europe. Some sectors are growing rapidly.

• Utilization of all renewable energy resources in Russia is less than 3% at the moment.

• Situation could be changed after opening of the emission trading market in Russian and the State Bioenergy Program passing.

• Joint Implementation Projects in the framework of the Kyoto Protocol realisation could push the process of fuel-switch for wood in the Northwest    Russia.

• Ecological, social, economical problems of the region could be solved due to bioenergy development by producing and using biofuel and wood waste.

The main goals of the State program are:


• to increase a contribution of a wood-based energy in rich forest regions and decrease the price for energy,

• to push business to develop new production facilities of wood pellets, briquettes, wood coal and etc. by installing tax discounts and other legislation activities,

• to switch the coal and oil boilers for wood biomass,

• to develop wood and forest industries in the region,

• to adopt wood biomass as a sustainable resource for producing energy, transportation fuels, chemicals and other value added products widely.

• to push business to start the CO2-trade on a base of fuel-switch for biomass,

• to solve social and ecological problems of the region by implementation of new biomass technologies