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Bioenergy Promotion

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Summary Report Task 4.4, Business and industry analysis

Jan 30, 2010

The main purpose of the business and industry analysis was to evaluate overall situation in the different bioenergy sectors in the regions and by the partners involved in Task 4.4. Such evaluation include collection and analysis of data and information about biomass resources in different branches of economy and main actors in the BE sector – biomass or biofuels producers and consumers, and organizations providing supporting services.

The partners involved are organisations in Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Norway and Denmark. The different bioenergy sectors evaluated were agriculture, forestry, renewable biomass sector and water related bioenergy sector. The collected information was categorised according to a bioenergy matrix and SWOT analysis were performed.

The Bioenergy sector within the regions of the different countries involved in the Bioenergy Promotion project employs a number of people in different areas and with any kind of connection to bioenergy. This results in a number of companies in rural areas as well as in the cities which is of great importance to the countries. For instance there are companies taken care of district heating, heat centrals, supply of equipment, accounting, catering, etc as well as companies harvesting the resources and/or processing them. The development of bioenergy results in energy systems less sensitive to crises, technical breakdown, changes in prices.